Five Tips to Write an Academic Essay Successfully

Five Tips to Write an Academic Essay Successfully

A professional freelance writer can turn your content from drab to fab, drive readers to your door, and write engaging copy that will help make conversions. Finding the perfect writer for your business, blog or other endeavors can seem daunting, but it really comes down to a few basic steps and guidelines.

Whether you are looking for a ghostwriter for your blog, a copywriter for your website, or a business writer to create smart marketing content, the following guidelines can help you find the best freelance writer for your needs.

1. Know What You Want

Setting expectations upfront gives your potential writer a clear picture of what you’re looking for so they can help determine the best approach to content, pitch topics, establish a delivery schedule and set a reasonable fee structure.

Some things to consider before you hire a freelance writer include:

  • Scope – Even if you are just looking for someone to write a single article or blog post, your project contains a range of expectations, including deadlines, word count, keyword usage, images, etc.
  • Research – Are you looking for short, lighthearted topical blog posts or in-depth academic articles that require boatloads of research?
  • Budget – How much can you spend over how much time?
  • Calendar – Set deadlines and give your writer plenty of lead time.

Create an editorial calendar with detailed job descriptions, but don’t get too bogged down by the small print; leave room for your writer to work some magic.

2. Look at Published Work

One of the best ways to hire a freelance writer is to take note of the articles and posts that get your attention and contact the authors — more often than not, they’d love to have you as a client.

However, don’t automatically cross off writers who don’t have experience in your industry. A professional freelance writer will have the research and writing skills to do your business justice.

3. Ghostwriting vs. Bylines

A ghostwriter creates content that you publish under your own name. Ghostwriters help establish you as the authority that you are. However, writers do love a byline, and if ghostwriting fees are too high for your budget, consider offering a byline for a lower price. That way, you still get great content, and the writer adds another piece to his or her portfolio.

4. Know What a Freelance Writer is Not

Thanks in part to shows like Mad Men, many people read the word “copywriter” and expect that a freelance writer will come up with an entire advertising slogan and marketing campaign.

A freelance writer is not an ad agency and usually isn’t a brand strategist. While a good writer can offer suggestions and create alluring copy, articles, guides, and social or blog content, most of them are not equipped to help you design a logo, create an advertising strategy, or give feedback on images or website design.

5. Establish Communication Plans

You and your freelance writer will likely be building a long-distance relationship. While you may prefer daily phone calls or Skype sessions, your writer probably won’t.

Email is the preferred method of communication between writer and client, with occasional phone calls to touch base and stay on track, and sometimes even texts for a quick check-in. However, your relationship with your writer is unique; do whatever works for you both, just make sure to set communication expectations upfront.

Getting the Best Course to Study in Few Steps

Getting the Best Course to Study in Few Steps

You need to take campus education serious because none will follow you to do the right thing. You will only receive guidance from the lecturers, and the rest is up to you. Getting the best course to study on campus might be a problem when you are still staying in your parents’ house. The excitement of upgrading to college might confuse you hence accelerating the stress of choosing the best course. However, with the following tips, you can get the best course.

coworking spaces

Follow Your Passion

Sometimes what you learn is very different from the things you love doing. Studying a course, you do not like might be difficult since you cannot relate to the outside world. You will find a hard time trying to understand your notes from the introduction. Everything will look like a new thing. Following your passion can help you discover the best course to fit your needs. You will not have a hard time easy final for you. You will get more skills since you practice your passion every day. Make things easier.

Use the Elimination Method

The easy way to get the best is to eliminate one by one. Make a list of maximum five courses then start your elimination process. Five is a number that you can manage when you are trying to figure out the best path for your future. For the elimination process, you will look for availability, competence, as well as product. Some courses might be good but not many universities offer the course. Others might not have jobs after studying so; you end up doing an extra session to qualify for a particular situation. Besides, some classes might have all the things you need from the availability to equipping you with the skills you need. Eliminate until you find the best one.

Make It a Habit to Research

writingDoing some homework on your free time might help. You will discover many courses that might fit your needs. Google is an excellent platform to help you research everything you need. For example, you can Google UK info tech courses if you are good at computers, but you do not know the right course for you. You will get the results you need or feedback relating to your search. You might also ask your siblings or friends at the university to help you out in the research. They will be happy to help you and will give an immediate response.

It Should Be Practical After Studies

You do not want to do a course that will not benefit you in any form — something that will get boring before you finish studying. A good course should equip you with practical skills as you continue exploring. There should be an availability of companies that offer internship opportunities. Practical skills are essential in your learning. Theories will give you knowledge in class, but outside, of course, you need practical skills. Show the society your competence through the creativity in your abilities.

The course you do might determine your career. You do not need studies to get a job, you should think of life after campus. Some UK info tech courses are essential for day to day skills.

What You Should Know About Coworking Spaces

What You Should Know About Coworking Spaces

If you walk into a coworking space, you will notice that it is a bit different from a typical office. You will find some people in deep focus on their desks and others engaging in conversations. This is known as coworking space culture. Ideally, these are shared workspaces.

coworking spacesThey provide cost-effective office space for people looking to escape the isolation of a coffee shop or home office. They provide various office-like amenities like private meeting rooms, hot-desks, coffee, kitchens, and more. The occupants are typically entrepreneurs, freelancers, small teams, and start-ups that want a flexible space.

Other than the culture, the cost is another advantage. They allow you to rent out what you need. Based on membership models, the prices vary and allow for greater flexibility. They include options for monthly fees or daily fees. Also, the membership costs vary based on whether you are using a dedicated desk or a shared one.

Who Uses Coworking Spaces


You should note that coworking spaces in Seattle create an ideal working environment for freelancers. This is because they allow freelancers to choose their working hours and schedule without feeling isolated. They help create a feeling of community for those who work from a coffee shop or home.


A lot of start-ups are using coworking spaces because of the flexibility they offer. For instance, these spaces do not come with exorbitant costs and commitments as compared to traditional office leases. Moreover, they provide an opportunity for teams to interact. The spaces can help entrepreneurs find co-founders for their start-ups as they get an opportunity to connect with the right-minded people.

These spaces offer a great fit for small organizations. There is a connection between what these spaces provide and the goals of start-ups and freelancers. In fact, recent studies have revealed that people who use coworking spaces thrive more than they would have in regular offices.

Large Organizations

startup meetingNowadays, even larger organizations are using coworking spaces. A lot of forward-thinking organizations are utilizing coworking spaces as much as possible. For many businesses, they are attracted by the flexibility offered by these spaces as far as managing costs and real estate are concerned. The truth is that firms can be successful if they can replicate the coworking space culture.

You should note that shared spaces allow for true mobility and freedom. They have a conducive culture where truly organic conversations and collaboration take place. This is the main benefit of coworking spaces.