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Awful RTD: Drinking Bummies


Not being able to walk through the front door or security gates, graffiti writers usually journey through all kinds of weird and rarely traveled terrain to get to the spot. Bizarre encounters are unavoidable and that is exactly what happened to Awful and his boy Faker. Awful from the RTD and Creatures KC crews shares a story of an evening spent trying to rock some steel.

Just recently Faker and I were planning to do a themed freight and Halloween was right around the corner so we figured we could do something traditional but with a little flavor. I go scope the yards after work for a little bit and walk the lines catching some silver marker tags and find the right freight for us to rock and let him know what the deal is because he lives out of town and all that. Once I leave the yard I head to Walmart and Lowe’s to come up on some paint, gloves and a couple caps for the trip. Everything is going smooth on the racking until someone gets on the loudspeaker saying, “Will some one from security come to the video room ASAP.” I thought to myself, “Shit!” I thought I was being smooth, so I just dip out right after that, hella paranoid. (I made it out OK.) I get home and I have been kinda hinting to the wife about rocking a car soon but haven’t really given her a date yet so I swooped up a nice little card from Walgreen’s and spit some heavy game on it, needless to say I rocked that night…
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Porn: Retired But Not Forgotten


By Faves. Photography By Necs

F.S. Network W.H. Catching a “Charly Porn” was always a highlight of a photo run. A true pioneer of the boxcar art movement Porn’s work oozed of a style that seemed to have been scraped off a 1988 N.Y.C. Subway and marinated in the L.A. River. West Coast colors with a somewhat East Coast flavor. Back then graffiti on a freight train was practically out of place, like a sample of the “South, South Bronx!” in the South Florida suburbs. His panel pieces were done at a time in steel history (1988–1993) where finding anything at all was rare and seeing something real seemed almost magical! Spotted on numerous car types, most of his work was done on West Coast boxcars, including Southern Pacific Cotton Belts and Hydro Cushions (SP, SSW), Golden West Service (GVSR), Denver and Rio Grande Western (DRGW) and the occasional Southern Pacific Fruit Express (SPFE).
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JK: Justified King


Interview by Rasan
Photography By Deva TET One

What do you write?
I write JK, which stands for Justified King. My aliases were Pan, 7Up, and Slap; y’all know my names. I started out with Slick from KNS. Back then it was like more of a gang era. I started writing in 1974.

Who inspired you?
Writers such as Tank, SkiBop, Sundance, Cupid, Berf-KNS back then influenced me to go out and write. Casper (which is Jay-ICP) and myself are the founding fathers of the ICP crew, which has been going on for 30-plus years. We were competing with crews such as SAM1, IWS, TRK and a little sprinkling of HCS.
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