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Greece: License to Graff


Reporting from Greece, Sophia Varoumas gives readers of The Infamous a unique insight into the role that graffiti and street art is playing in that nation’s political situation.

Graffiti and politics are closely attached in Greece. In a country devastated by the economic crisis caused by the failure of capitalism’s status quo, graffiti takes its position and stands against economic and political injustice. Though seeing graffiti in the streets might sound ordinary to most Americans, its message has a great impact on the people receiving it overseas in places like Greece.

This graffiti conveys political messages through street art. It criticizes current events, and reaches out to its government. To Greek graffiti writers, political graffiti is a form of insurgency against the prevailing propaganda the system uses to manipulate and control its citizens.
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NoseGo: Changing State


Philly’s own NoseGo has brought his art to the streets and the galleries for years and he’s not stopping any time soon.

Interview by Chris RWK

Location: Philadelphia
Experience: 2004
Arsenal: Aerosol and Acrylics

What makes you put your artwork, both permanent and non-permanent, on the streets?
Nose Go:
The fact that the work has a life of its own fascinates me. The feeling of impacting someone’s day with a positive image or changing an environment with a piece of art is a beautiful feeling that keeps me going.
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