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“A couple of people have told me that my pieces make them hungry.”

Over the arc of graffiti history, we’ve seen the act of writing your name on the wall go from something considered to be “youthful mischief” to a highly evolved art form. Through the eyes of most people outside of our culture, it will be almost always written off, belittled or dismissed as a criminal hobby practiced by degenerate manchildren. Graffiti’s relevance as one of the most popular and influential art movements the world has ever seen goes virtually unnoticed and unrecognized by most people. At best, the layman’s analysis of the whole of graffiti’s 40-odd year history can be summed up in something like “I like the colors!” That’s the equivalent of summing up jazz music by saying “It’s really loud.”

On the surface, the evolution of graffiti climaxed during the NYC subway era of the ‘80s. The DNA of pretty much everything that writers are doing now was born out of that era. Over the 30-year span since then, graffiti has splintered off into different genres and subgenres with their own unique aesthetics and philosophies. What is interesting is that there is still the ongoing desire for ambitious writers to distinguish themselves and carve out their own stylistic contributions to the art form. Although the wheel has already been invented, people like Nmph are exploring more interesting ways for it to roll. –Ewok HM MSK

What crews are you in?
IPC, Heavy Metal.
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