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The Queen of Brooklyn, Naisha YKK, Discusses her graff life as the Infa*Miss bomber.

Interview by Sophia Varoumas

What was graffiti like for you growing up?
I discovered graffiti in my neighborhood as a young child in the late-1980s, early-90s in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn. Trim, Stak and Crack (aka Fat Joe) had tags on my block and I admired their tags. The real Dek, Asp, OE, Chino, Ket, JA (the ultimate writer), Skuf, Kez5, Veefer, Easy and Joz too. Their tags were prevalent in my neighborhood. It was a wild time.

I remember the stairwell to my junior high school being bombed-up with spray can tags! Tags were on the gates in the shopping district, on the inside of the trains, the train stations, rooftops and tunnels. I liked to look at it. I’d always think how fun and exciting it would be to do it. My Mom thought it was the silliest thing to do. I had straight As yet got expelled from school for graffiti when I was younger. (I tagged up the school.)
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TooFly focused on her come up in the early nineties. Her natural artistic abilities got her noticed right away in school and on the streets. Her ideals motivated her and with TooFly’s family backing her up, the opportunities became infinite and this female figure did it all with original New York character.

Interview by Sophia Varoumas

The female dynamic has always been fascinating to most within the graffiti culture, and though the paint on the walls or the name on the streets has no gender, the moment it is revealed within the graff community that a female has come onto the scene and into the limelight, the men in the game flock like paparazzi to learn any detail about them. There are women in graff who are ruthless renegade bombers, fearless freight painters, and memorable muralists. There are female pioneers paving the street art world and graffiti culture and this genuine group of fearless women who have the strength and integrity to catch that rep and our attention are… The Infa-Miss.

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