The Infamous Archives: The Bomber



Kaex is a bomber’s bomber, and bombers in Philadelphia know exactly who Kaex is. Keeping his name alive for the past few years has been almost instinctual, and his recent resurgence on the streets has been unavoidable.

What do you write and how did you get started?
Kaex. I met Speez in high school and he was already writing, along with all of my other boys. Since everyone else was doing it, I rolled with did it, I came up with a name I liked and just started, nothing too monumental. I thought it was super dope to be this mysterious guy that everyone knew of, but no one knew personally. I liked the talk that came with my writing.
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Having emerged from the deserts of southwestern America, Abno PIGS bombs savagely, stylishly and on his own abnormal terms.

Can you tell us briefly where you are from and how you got into graffiti?
Abno: It all started when I was running around the wilderness one night in a loincloth and a can of Rusto fell out of the sky and landed right next to me in the dirt.

You’ve been bombing pretty hard the last few years, with a distinct style and some fresh concepts that are usually more common in the piecing world. Can you talk about what “bombing” means to you, and your take on trying to innovate while still keeping it savage?
Bombing to me is more an attitude than anything – it’s got to be raw, like a wild Bengal tiger running down the sidewalk. Style, style, style. Style is magic – you can’t define it, and you either got it or you don’t. The streets know, without exception. Some are born with it, and others work hard for it. I’ve been working hard at this for years, studying graffiti like it’s a Ph.D. I’m just really excited to be doing graffiti in 2011, where all kinds of new innovations are happening and the borders between everything are being hammered down, brick by brick, like the Berlin Wall. Graffiti is kicking everything’s ass right now – it’s way more exciting and powerful than art or “street art” (aka “Rollerblading”).
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Known for his work ethic and determination, Sake 5MH BTM from Montreal is not afraid to speak the truth or to be unpopular.

What do you write and how did you get started?
I write Sake and I started in 1994. I always liked cool little gadgets and I was at my friend’s house one day and he had a big, fat drippy silver Pilot. It was the coolest marker I had ever seen and I had to have it so I brought it home and it just sat there for a while. The only art I was actually doing at the time was drawing on people’s jeans and jackets on some hip-hop nonsense. One day, one of my friends came over and saw the marker and said, “Let’s go tagging.” I was like, “Tagging? What’s that?” He was like, “Pick a name and write it.” That was my first introduction to it and I didn’t know much more than that: just walking around writing my name on things. At the time it was just another thing to keep me busy. By nature, I never liked authority in any form, I never felt like any other living breathing human being should be able to tell me what I can or cannot do, so I guess without thinking about it at the time, it was natural to do things I wasn’t supposed to.
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