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In the ’90s there were few people in Philly who held it down in all categories. From hands to throws to pieces, DSR did his thing-thing.

What did you write? Did you always write that, if not what were some of the other names you wrote?
Dasar. It’s the only name I got rep with. I’m sure in the beginning I drew cool names like “Laser” or “Knife”, but Dasar is what I got up with. I used Lemon714 as a train name and to mess around with, paying homage to some hippy graffiti this one dude did in my neighborhood. While everyone was writing band names, he was drawing the pill and writing Lemon714 next to it. The bottom of the L turned into an arrow. Way ahead of anyone he was at the kegger with… then there’s always “Line, King of Walls.” That’s an inside joke between Nope and me. I would walk down a block and just spray a line across every building, hence the goofy name “Line, King of Walls.” It’s an inside joke with Nope and co. – I’m aware that it’s silly, but it will give a few people a laugh…

What crews were you associated with?
I’ve had the pleasure of doing this graffiti business with a lot of thorough writers and crews. In the best chronological order, the crews I’ve pushed and been a part of are HAR 1, YM, NAA, IAO, AIA, KMD, AFU, LAW 1, IX, NSF, ICON, KTS, MSP and HM.
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MBER HM Network


The modern king of American freight train graffiti shares his two cents on the culture, his back story, and the prospects of a comeback.

Having made his mark in an era that was notable for more and more technical pieces, MBER made an early move against the current to paint simple, readable letters that you could appreciate in a flick or rolling by at 90mph. For many, he cemented the standard for what constitutes timeless American train graffiti, with a nod to Subway Art before him and with enough forward thinking and confidence to paint strictly for fun and for visual puns.

Did you always write MBER? Also, what crews are you associated with?
In the past it was Fate, Role, Dume and some other aliases. Crews are Heavy Metal, Network, SCA, ATD, BOM, NSF, FS and PPP.
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