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Indie 184: Dreams to Kweenz


Kweenz Destroy has been blooming since 2006, and with her new Bubble Gum Hottie line, Indie 184 is bound to have her name ring bells.

Interview by Aleida G. Garcia

Tell me a little about yourself and how you became interested in graffiti art.

Indie 184: I’ve been living in NYC for 30 years, graffiti has been quintessentially in my environment. When I was 11 years old, I went to the NYC Public Library and discovered Subway Art and Spraycan Art, I was completely blown away and started to copy the letters that spelled out my real name. I lived across the street from the video store which Tracy168 painted and that appeared in Spraycan Art, I would always see it and just fantasize of one day putting my art in the streets. But that was then and years later I would pay close attention to my subway rides. I’d see all the Revs, Smith, Sane and JA that embellished the dark tunnels. I started to investigate who these writers were and where else they got up. I would later meet writers like Casino142, Ceaze MSK and Baze PCB, who would teach me the fundamentals of graffiti. The most important would, of course, have to be Cope2.
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