The Infamous Archives: Back In Action

Robbo’s Return


King Robbo of London launched his bombing comeback before his Banksy beef. Fellow London old-school legend Prime fills The Infamous in on some of the details.

Robbo WRH WD is one of the most famous writers in London’s storied graffiti history. He started bombing hard on the London Underground, or “Tube” in the mid-1980s with his partner, Doze. “They came on the scene in a really dramatic way,” says Prime, another pioneer of London graffiti and a longtime friend of Robbo’s. “If I remember there had been a bit of a lull in things but Robbo and Doze came out and went all city in this systematic way of going to every yard on each line an doing every train and making sure very train was done and there was a point where from one day to the next every train was done.” Before they were friends, Prime and Robbo were competitors. “It was respect straight away. You’re traveling to each line yourself and you want to go to the same yards and you see that they got there before you, that they’ve created a situation where they’ve just overwhelmed the scene.”
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