The Infamous Archives: Issue 1




This Boogie Down Bronx native is one of the illest artists in the game and one who continues to influence styles and piecers worldwide. A throwback to the golden era of graffiti in New York, Ces TMT, aka Wish4, has raised the bar to a new level. It is impossible to talk about style without bringing his name up. He is… a King of Style.

What crews are you associated with?
TMT, FC, FBA, TNB and TM7.

When did you start writing?
From 1983 until 1986, then came back in 1992 until…
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MBER HM Network


The modern king of American freight train graffiti shares his two cents on the culture, his back story, and the prospects of a comeback.

Having made his mark in an era that was notable for more and more technical pieces, MBER made an early move against the current to paint simple, readable letters that you could appreciate in a flick or rolling by at 90mph. For many, he cemented the standard for what constitutes timeless American train graffiti, with a nod to Subway Art before him and with enough forward thinking and confidence to paint strictly for fun and for visual puns.

Did you always write MBER? Also, what crews are you associated with?
In the past it was Fate, Role, Dume and some other aliases. Crews are Heavy Metal, Network, SCA, ATD, BOM, NSF, FS and PPP.
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Featured in numerous publications and videos, Bates is an all-star of the graffiti culture. Coming from Copenhagen Denmark, he is seeking to live his dream of being able to make a living and travel as a full-time graffiti artist.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Bates, from Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m in AIO, TNB, COD, 156, WR2, WCA, FTP and PCP crews. I started writing in 1984. I like Ironlak with Pro skinny and NY fat caps

You have amazing diverse styles. Who or what did you look at for inspiration when you were starting out?
Always try and bring a different outline, one that best suits the situation.
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Even though the current scene in New York City is not what Nemz thinks it should be or used to be, this NYC native has been picking up the slack and putting in overtime – NYC is “still better than anywhere else.” Influenced by the streets since he began walking, Nemz started writing in 2000.

What got you into graffiti?
Just walking through any neighborhood, safe or not, at 14 and peeping how niggas had tags, throw-ups, burners, all over, especially in The Bronx and BK and around the block from school. I got a rush just seeing that shit. From there, I was a fiend to actually do it. So it began… the coming of a nemesis to society.

What crews are you associated with?
Over the years I have been thrown down with a bunch of crews. But I mainly push TIS, which stands for “That Ill Shit” or “Third I Soldiers,” and DOD, which stands for “Department Of Defense.”
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Boza: Perfect Tag


Hunting Park’s own Boza YCU has perfected the science behind a vicious hand.

Photography by Deva TET One

Crews: TRK, YCU, MIC
Location: North Philly
Experience: 1980

What do you write?

What crews are you down with?
TRK, YCU, The M Team, Model Thug, MIC…
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Cope 2: Loyalty


Rocking fillins since the early-80s in NYC, Cope2 KD now has one of the most recognized throwies worldwide.

Photography by Deva TET One

Location: The Bronx
Experience: 30 years (in 2010)
Output: Over a million fillins

My favorite colors to rock… I like all the colors, especially today with all the Euro paint, all the paint is dope. It’s hard to say, but silver and black always works, it’s classic! Aside from silver and black I love baby blue with burgundy outlines, or lemon yellows with burgundy outlines or white with red outlines.
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GSouth: Man of Steel


On a mission to own the continent, GSouth WH has been consistently putting in work since the early-90s.

Crews: WH FS KBT Network TKO
Location: South Florida
Experience: 20-plus years (in 2010)
Output: “Sixteen years on the steel, averaging 170 a year even with jail time, probation, crazy rail cops, and down years… You do the math.”

I actually started rocking streets in the late-80s but I did not even think of the concept of hitting freights, until the early-90s. Seeing pieces by Baser and Smash 74 and the rest of the FS guys changed my focus from walls to freights in an instanct. I also remember jumping a line to hide from an engine and the freight had a Pre throwie and it said “North Philly.” After that it was like, “Why just bomb your own city when you can own the whole continent?”
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Deem: Evil Style


Live from the Boogie Down Bronx, Deem KD continues to put the heat on full blast with his ill piecing style.

Photography by Dave Foto

Crews: KD TFP TNB 4Burners
Location: The Bronx
Experience: 11 years (in 2010)
Output: 600 pieces

When rocking pieces… My number-one rule is you gotta come prepared, bring your sketches and have your color scheme ready. If you rockin legal, take your time and do it right. I appreciate quality over quantity so I take my time and push myself to burn the last piece I did.
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