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Swerv AMC: Wild, Wild West


It wasn’t until 2004 that Swerv got into doing fillins. Ever since, he treats the streets as a free-for-all.

Photography by Mine

Crews: AMC
Location: Oakland
Experience: 1994
Arsenal: Boston fats

What is the background on the crews you are you down with?
First and foremost, AMC, my Always Making Cash family. It started in juvenile hall between 1993–1994 with some homies from South City. It kinda fell off, but then I brought Nave into it and we ran with it. He went to the East Bay and I stayed in the West Bay. One love to all the AMC homies who’ve had my back, watchin’ out for me – Sep, Oister, Betr, Rane, Wire, Ceks and all the rest I didn’t name – and always pushing this AMC shit. WKT, We Kount Thousands Squad, goes back to around 2004 when Naver hooked up with Yesm and we were put down with the dub, Yesm likewise with AMC. Shout out to all the original dubs for holding it down, like Kash, Alan, Gus, Sestor and Gacho. OMS and ATB came around with me being involved with Piers (OMS) and Boiler and Holmes (ATB). Lastly, OFA and LOLC, the most recent ones I’ve been put down in. It’s a lot of crews but it’s nothing, I rep them all to the fullest.
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Mine: Keep it Movin’


With close to a couple hundred fillins so far in 2011, Mine has no plans of slowing down.

Crews: TWB, ATC
Location: Philly
Experience: Started in 1986
Arsenal: Rusto fats

What do you write and when did you start?
Mine TWB ATC. I started painting in 1986 in San Jose, Calif.

How did you come up with your name?
In 2003 I was recovering from a bad car accident (one of many). Before the accident I caught a case and knew a name change would be a good idea. I was pretty depressed during my rehabilitation. Stuck in a wheelchair, going deaf in one ear and learning how to speak and walk again were just a few reasons for my depression. My family and friends were always there if I needed them and took really good care of me. One friend listened to all of my problems and never judged me. So I chose this word to show my appreciation to that person.
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9th: Noveno


The Bronx’s 9th Wonder of the World puts street-bombing first.

Crews: None
Location: Philadelphia
Experience: 15 years (in 2011)
Arsenal: Rusto Fats

What do you write?

When did you start?
I’ve been writing since 1996. I stopped for a long time, but now I’m back in action, bitches!

How did you come up with your name?
I actually got my name from a TV show. My boys started breaking my balls in the gym. After I would do a set and flex they would be like “THE 9TH WONDER OF THE WORLD!” – Silly bastards. The name just stuck.
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TD: Total Dominance


One of the Boogie Down’s most prolific bombers, TD talks about the game and how it’s changed.

Crews: BTC, KD, GOD, BRT
Location: Boogie Down Bronx
Experience: 22 years (in 2011)
Arsenal: Rusto fats

I got my name… From my best friend, John. He gave it to me and that was it. I never wrote anything else.

I got started from… My boys from 170, once I seen them bombing I said, “One day I will take it to another level,” and, sure enough, I did.
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Lewy: Heavy Hitter


The Seattle native, Lewy BTM, is crushing some ill spots throughout the boroughs of New York City.

Crews: BTM
Location: NYC
Experience: 15 years (in 2010)
Arsenal: Master Blasters

I fuck with that big Big Time Mob. I was more wild a few years back, now I’m more focused, plus I’m sober for six years, so I feel more aware and I can do what I want when I want. That’s like a rule I’ve been living by, do what I want when I want. I want to paint and so racking paint and stackin’ scrill is my only job. My record is dumb long so I don’t get the sweet deal or the ROR – none of that.
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Cope 2: Loyalty


Rocking fillins since the early-80s in NYC, Cope2 KD now has one of the most recognized throwies worldwide.

Photography by Deva TET One

Location: The Bronx
Experience: 30 years (in 2010)
Output: Over a million fillins

My favorite colors to rock… I like all the colors, especially today with all the Euro paint, all the paint is dope. It’s hard to say, but silver and black always works, it’s classic! Aside from silver and black I love baby blue with burgundy outlines, or lemon yellows with burgundy outlines or white with red outlines.
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