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K.C. Ortiz: Stop Bullshitting


K.C. Ortiz uses photography as a tool to educate people about just how bad it is out there and about what “need” really means.

I was locked up for a while and I had a lot of time on my hands, time to think. It was a slow buildup from there that got me into photography. A number of factors all kind of came together at the same time. Where I was, people used their time to bitch and complain about everything and I would point out to them how good we had it. Since I was young I have always paid attention to the world, always read a newspaper, so I knew how bad some people really have it. Their bitching, my own curiosity and the ignorance of the general public on how fortunate they are all kind of just morphed into my head and came out as photography. I wanted to tell other peoples’ stories, to try to help the people who actually need it. I mean “need” in the real sense of the word – not as grammatical emphasis. So I studied all the photos I could get my hands on, had people send me books and magazines, read every paper from front to back, you name it.
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Matt Gallagher: Dead End


Photographer Matt Gallagher is out there taking the shots that capture the significant simplicities and tragic wonders of the city.

Text by Tyson Mitman

Matt Gallagher is a Philadelphia-based photographer who exhibits his work in galleries and also lends his talents to the magazine Megawords, which bills itself as an art magazine that documents contemporary media and communication forms and exhibits the work of artists and photographers. Matt’s work is influenced by the city around him. In fact, it would be fair to say that his work is the city around him. His photography style is sort of a modern, candid capturing of the urban landscape that requires him to be in the streets and get a feel for them. He says “I walk around with no destination aimlessly a lot. That’s how I get a lot of pictures I wouldn’t get if I went out with the intention of taking some mind-blowing photo. There’s weird shit everywhere, man.”
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