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Jick IMOK: Forget Permission


Never mind a legal wall. For Jick, it’s all about Illegal Means Of Kreativity.

Crews: IMOK, DF, IF
Location: New York
Experience: 1996
Arsenal: Evolve, NY Fat Cap

The Environment: For me, the energy of painting illegally comes through on the wall or whatever surface you are enhancing. When you walk into a spot, you rarely know exactly what you’re in for, be it strange, rusted metal, windows, or water at your feet, and you have to adapt to whatever you find. You get the best flow with your letters when you are rushed and sketching your piece with a fat cap. Your energy, mixed with the speed with which you have to paint with a fat, shows up in how your letters move.
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Trixter: The Raw


Consistently recognized as a giant on the West Coast scene, Trixter continues to push his style, on the walls and in the wider art world.

Crews: RF, WCA, FSC
Location: Los Angeles
Experience: 20 years (in 2011)
Arsenal: OG Tester

When rocking pieces…
Focus Spontaneous Combustion! Depending on the spot, I like to get in the zone and try not to think about anything else. It’s a time to focus on what I’m doing and to use the force!

My inspiration comes from…
I think I speak for my fellow artists when I say that I that I don’t know where my inspiration comes from – I just do it. There’s something that compels you to paint and that’s your inspiration. It’s a mix of things really. I get juiced when I see or hear creative, fresh shit, no matter what it is.

My favorite color combinations are…
Blue and Cream! Lakers colors! Anything with Jungle Green! Earth tones. I usually go for colors that pop against each other and contrast well. It’s really about working with what you have and rocking it. I’m mostly spontaneous – it’s been years since I planned a color scheme.
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Enue: Ill Minded


With pieces based on traditional foundations but with his own twist on it, Enue has one sick style.

Photography By Luke Shirlaw

Crews: COD, FC, NSF
Location: NYC
Experience: 18 years (in 2011)
Arsenal: NY Fat

What crews are you currently down with?

What do you like most about rocking pieces?
When I was a kid, probably the fact that I could do it (even if it was whack…) These days, it’s an excuse to not think about anything but what you’re painting for a couple hours and it keeps me from turning into a jaded old fart.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Just whatever I’m feeling… stupid jokes, maybe some lyric stuck in my head or just my general mood.
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Sueme: Style Driven


A student of the game, Sueme is focused on development, all while staying current and relevant with style and technique.

Crews: NWK, 9Lives
Location: Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Experience: 10 years (in 2010)
Arsenal: Various caps

When rocking pieces… I always spend some time before I start anything to look at the space and visualize how I see my piece fitting on the wall the best. Adapting to the space you’re painting is important.
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Deem: Evil Style


Live from the Boogie Down Bronx, Deem KD continues to put the heat on full blast with his ill piecing style.

Photography by Dave Foto

Crews: KD TFP TNB 4Burners
Location: The Bronx
Experience: 11 years (in 2010)
Output: 600 pieces

When rocking pieces… My number-one rule is you gotta come prepared, bring your sketches and have your color scheme ready. If you rockin legal, take your time and do it right. I appreciate quality over quantity so I take my time and push myself to burn the last piece I did.
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