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GETNLOOSE is one of our favorite graffiti blog/websites. Recently, they just did a review on The Infamous magazine. Dr. Evil, the founder of GETNLOOSE, mentioned such things as “What initially caught my eye about it was the calibre of the artists featured,, Mque, Curve, Agua, Pose, Jurne, Dasar, Robbo and Fuzi to name a few. But after reading them I think the highlight is the overall diverse content of the magazines themselves.” Thank you for your kind words. If you haven’t already, check out


Ironlak family and friends


Looks like our friends at Ironlak had a memorable time visiting China, Defiantly take the time to watch this video they put together with painting from YESMA, DYMS, PALMS, MUCH, RIFLE, RUSTE, MEMOS and plenty more.

Real Talk

Sacha Jenkins - Lifestyle

Sacha Jenkins wrote an open letter to Banksy, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and to some “herb,” as Sacha refers to Hugo Martinez.

Sacha did not sugar coat anything, saying such things to Banksy as “I will say that I’m not particularly interested in what you have to say about the “ghetto” or the Freedom Tower—yeah, in this instance you can say I was “irritated.” Money: stick to making art and reserve your comments on such matters for you and your buddies at the pub on the other side of the pond. Better yet, come to Queensbridge or Bay Ridge talking any of that nonsense and watch what happens. In QB, the natives will give you a real taste of the “ghetto”, if that is what thrills you. You know what the term going “hand to hand” means? Oh no? OK—let’s fix that. The folks in Bay Ridge are very patriotic; they’re not happy with your greasy Freedom Tower talk. They will treat you like a Redcoat in 1777. Maybe some Redcoats from Queensbridge can show you a good time?”

Then Sacha gives Chris Brown some words of advice, “As I said last time, Brown has some paint control. And maybe now that he’s looking at jail time for being a jackass yet again (didn’t he paint a donkey?) Brown can really focus in on his letterforms…Chris: while you’re chillin’ in protective custody, please study the masterworks of guys like Kel 1st and Kase 2 TFP—you won’t go wrong my N.”

Next, Sacha has some nasty advice for Justin Bieber, “Bieber—we REALLY don’t believe you. Pull your pants up, put the pipe down and stop spending money on prostitutes in Brazil. Bieber: stay away from graffiti, stay away from street art and stay away from the streets in general. You ain’t about that life ‘lil homie.”

And to end the letter, Sacha mentions Mr. Martinez “because I reached out to him through a friend. I was looking to pay my respects, and perhaps get him in the mix of some of the things we’ve got going on with the program, even though most sane people said I would regret reaching out to him. I believe that it is always good to give people the benefit of a doubt. My friend relayed Mr. Martinez’ message for me: “Kiss my ass.”

Check out the entire open letter from Sacha Jenkins here: Sacha Jenkins – Real Talk.

Banksy breaking the rules

Go Home Banksy

Photo: Gabriella Bass

Why taggers hate Banksy a article by Tyson Mitman that goes over what we could claim as beef between Banksy’s work and the streets of New York.

Link to  article below.

The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan


Come join us this Thursday, September 12th for a FREE screening of The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan. 7pm at The Ritz East – in Philadelphia. Auditorium 8: 125 South 2nd Street. 19106. Film will be introduced by executive producer Roger Gastman & Director Joseph Pattisall with Q&A to follow. RSVP at